Chef Michael Shugert


Chef Michael has been exploring food and the culinary arts for more than 30 years. Living in San Francisco for most of his life sparked his passion and interest in international cuisine. As a graduate of the City College of San Francisco, he gained pastry experience at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. 


Chef Michael has traveled extensively throughout Europe to learn about regional culinary arts and says that “life is too short to experience only one type of food. There is a huge world of interesting tastes to explore from different cultures."


While taking lessons at the Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne in Switzerland, Chef Michael was exposed to different foods that expanded his knowledge in tasteries and presentations to create a fine-dining experience.


Blue Door Chef’s style is California farm-to-fork fusion -- utilizing the freshest ingredients possible, and foods that are seasonally available.  Blue Door Chef’s choose organically grown produce as a first choice when selecting ingredients for a meal. They offer caternig, party butler service, cooking lessons and custom spices made by Chef Michael.


Chef Michael also enjoys passing his knowledge onto others and inspiring his clients to expand their palette or learn new ways of cooking. Schedule indivudal or group cooking lessons in your home and enjoy a fun and informative session with Chef Michael. He works closely with each client to design a cooking lesson plan that fits the group's interests and culinary goals.  


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